5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Brandon Burns - Making Money From Real Estate With 1031 Exchange

August 09, 2022 Abel Pacheco
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Brandon Burns - Making Money From Real Estate With 1031 Exchange
Show Notes

Mr. Burns is in a senior leadership role for a 1031 Qualified Intermediary - Investors 1031 Exchange. He is an experienced commercial real estate executive who has served on the investment committees of several real estate development firms throughout his career. Currently very focused on growing the 1031 exchange business, he can offer unique insights to clients and strategic partners as he has been involved in over one billion dollars of real estate development and acquisitions across 64 real estate investment projects (or funds). He has directly raised over $650M in equity for various real estate projects and was instrumental in successfully issuing $180M of debt on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. He is an analyst at heart and currently serves as the President of Investors 1031 Exchange.

[00:00 - 08:51] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Brandon to the show!
  • He talks about how he left his previous job to join a new development firm
  • Arbitrages opportunities in real estate

[08:52- 21:02] The Importance of Finding Your Personal Fulfillment

  • Brandon says that it is important to find a job or profession that fulfills your personal desires
  • The importance of specialization and personal fulfillment
  • How he learned to be more successful through experience and time
  • He advises listeners to rank their strengths and passions
    • Find a job or profession that puts them in their strongest areas

[21:03 - 40:28] Making Money From Real Estate With 1031 Exchange

  • Brandon discusses the 1031 exchange
  • Benefits of a 1031 exchange
  • Four major huddles that the IRS has put in place
  • Wealth aggregation or wealth preservation

[40:29 - 42:22] Closing Segment

  • Brandon's insights on wealth creation and preservation, focusing on industrial real estate as a great place to be in the current market cycle
  • See the links below to connect with Brandon!


"There's so many different ways to win in real estate.” - Brandon Burns

"I think if you can have a work situation that checks personal fulfillment boxes that's where you win." - Brandon Burns

"Real estate is a good answer for wealth aggregation and wealth preservation." - Brandon Burns


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