5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Brett Swarts - How To Achieve Your Goals With Deferred Sales Trust

January 11, 2023 Abel Pacheco Episode 224
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Brett Swarts - How To Achieve Your Goals With Deferred Sales Trust
Show Notes

Brett Swarts is considered one of the most well-rounded Capital Gains Tax Deferral Experts and informative speakers in the U.S. He is the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, is an exclusive Deferred Sales Trust Trustee, host of the Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast and an eXp Commercial Multifamily Broker in Sacramento, CA.

His Millionaire Clients are challenged to create and develop a tax-deferred transformational exit wealth plan using The Deferred Sales Trust™ (“DST”) so they can create and preserve more wealth. Brett is the host of the Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast. 

[00:00 - 03:14] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Brett to the show!
  • He shares his experience with Marcus and Millichap

[03:15- 25:12] How To Achieve Your Goals With Deferred Sales Trust

  • Taxes are the most expensive thing people will ever have in their lifetime
  • Switching from a cash flow mindset to a cash flow and tax flow mindset
  • Hire a professional to help with taxes and paperwork

[25:13 - 31:26] Lower Your Risk And Increase Your Reward With Delegation And Clarity In Investing

  • Investing requires calculated risk
  • Delegate time to study and practice investing
  • Lower emotions when investing by having clarity
  • Understand risk versus reward when making a decision
  • Spend time educating yourself on deals, strategies, and teams

[31:27 - 44:19] Closing Segment

  • Brett advises listeners to invest in themselves by investing in small deals to test-drive investments
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“It's a mindset of what are they doing that's successful. And how can I mirror, how can I emulate, how can I learn what they're doing and implement it into my business?” - Brett Swarts

“It's a mixture of expertise. It's a mixture of calculated risks. It's a mixture of finding the team to help you with those deals or those financial products or those real estate developments and it's not a one size fits all." - Brett Swarts


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