5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%

Jeff Greenberg - Finding The Right Multi-Family Investment Opportunities

February 21, 2023 Abel Pacheco
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%
Jeff Greenberg - Finding The Right Multi-Family Investment Opportunities
Show Notes

Jeff Greenberg is the CEO and Managing Member of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC (SIG). For over 12 years he has managed all aspects of commercial real estate ownership including acquisitions, investor relations, operations, value add the implementation, and dispositions.

Through SIG Wealth Fund, a diversified and customizable Equity Fund, SIG provides the opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to passively invest in Commercial Real Estate with best-in-class Commercial Deal Syndicators. Jeff uses his extensive experience and network to help investors to discover and invest in high-quality alternative investments.

Jeff has been involved in projects worth nearly $150 million of over 2000 units. He has been involved with stabilized and value-add properties including Student Housing, as well short-term rental, and Market Rate MF properties.

[00:01 - 03:38] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Jeff to the show!
  • He started with residential real estate in 2005 and moved to commercial real estate in 2010

[03:39 - 20:33] Protecting Capital In A Crazy Market

  • How he took 8 years to transition to full-time real estate
  • He saved money and invested in education while working full time
  • His portfolio of 200 million plus properties and multiple successful exits
  • He created two funds:
    • One for accredited investors
    • One for accredited and sophisticated investors

[20:34 - 29:30] Finding The Right Multi-Family Investment Opportunities

  • He shares the platforms used to keep track of investments including Avestor and Cash Flow Portal
  • Looking for cash-flowing assets, distressed debt, fixed-rate debt, low leverage, significant reserves, and low break-even occupancy
  • The ways to ensure a conservative deal include fixed rate, stress testing occupancy rate and interest rate, and lower leverage
  • It is easier for passive investors to say no to more opportunities than yes

[29:31 - 36:59] Closing Segment

  • Jeff offers a giveaway of “Questions To Ask A Deal Sponsor” on his website!
  • See the links below to connect with Jeff!


“When you do deals, you learn what not to do just as much as what you learn to do.” - Jeff Greenberg 

“Invest in yourself first and get yourself educated, and that's the best way to get started in the business.” - Jeff Greenberg

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