5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%

Tony Torres - Having An Intentional Impact In The World Using Real Estate

March 21, 2023 Abel Pacheco Episode 233
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%
Tony Torres - Having An Intentional Impact In The World Using Real Estate
Show Notes

Highly energetic and accomplished thought partner in the real estate analysis, acquisition, and project management space. Possess extensive experience in underwriting for returns, program/project management, evaluation, and execution across multiple industries and equipped with a record of success in building relationships and implementing innovative programs that support the strategic direction of the organization. An effective leader with a proven ability to supervise and lead high-performance teams to ensure a 100% success rate in achieving company goals in an extremely competitive business environment.

Tony is also the Principal, Founder, and Servant at COR13 Capital.

[00:01 - 05:11] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Tony to the show!
  • Tony is the founder of COR13 Capital and is a big name in the real estate place
  • He started learning about multi-family investing and then moved into development

[05:12 - 12:21] Having An Intentional Impact In The World Using Real Estate

  • Focusing on build to rent
  • Encouraging children to negotiate and learn the value of a deal
  • Using real estate as a mission and ministry to help people in need
  • Naming the company after the Bible
  • Using love as a feature of the business
  • His goal is to use real estate to impact lives and has an impact on what you do

[12:22 - 24:01] The Difference Between Build To Rent And Single-Family Rentals 

  • How real estate fell into his lap and he kept pushing after it
  • Build-to-rent assets are typically from larger developers
  • Build-to-rent is a combination of single-family rentals and multi-family
  • Residents of build-to-rent enjoy the freedom of space and their own place to live without sharing walls or noise from neighbors

[24:02 - 38: 29] Closing Segment

  • Tony shares with listeners that, “Success in real estate requires accepting “No” as a fact and not an emotion
  • See the links below to connect with Tony!


“No is just an answer, not an emotion. And yes, is just an answer, not an affirmation.” - Tony Torres

“The mission that we have behind our business is that we want to see lives changed and use real estate and businesses to do that.” - Tony Torres

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