5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate

The Magic of Value Add Real Estate with James Kandasamy - $130MM in CRE

September 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate
The Magic of Value Add Real Estate with James Kandasamy - $130MM in CRE
Show Notes

Want to know how to increase your income stream? You’ll love hearing from our guest, James Kandasamy. James is the author of Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate and host of the Achieve Wealth Podcast. He controls approximately 1700 doors in commercial real estate assets valued over $130MM. 

James is an expert in Value Add Real Estate and he shares his expertise here!

[00:01 - 04:08] Opening Segment

●      Let’s get to know James Kandasamy

○      With Achieve Investment Group

●      James gives us a bit of background on his story

○      From single to Multifamily Syndication

[04:09 - 09:16] The Magic of Value Add 

●      James talks about the team integrations within his business 

●      James breaks down the meaning of Value Add 

●      You can increase your income & decrease your expenses 

[09:17 - 17:12] Playing the Slow Game 

●      James talks about why he doesn’t go for Yield Play 

●      100% debt with 125% income 

●      James talks about hitting the break-even point 

[17:13 - 25:43] Getting Your First Deal 

●      Hard work but low risk and high reward 

●      James shares first deal tips and advice 

●      James breaks down working through project management 

[25:44 - 32:13] The Journey to Today 

●      James shares how he currently manages his portfolio 

●      Learn to be a good project manager 

●      James’ investors’ journey to today 

●      Advice for how you should view real estate

[32:14 - 43:38] Closing Segment

●      How to reach out to James

○      Links Below 

●      James talks about his new book 

●      Any topics we didn’t touch on?

○      There’s no reason for you not to get rich in the U.S., You just have to work hard

○      A bit of James’ story coming into the States 

●      Final Words - connect with us 


Tweetable Quotes:

“Value-Add is the cornerstone of any Commercial Real Estate,  it is the prime reason people do commercial real estate. Otherwise we would just do single-family home". - James Kandasamy


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Connect with James on LinkedIn @jameskandasamy, email james@achieveinvestmentgroup.com. Visit https://achieveinvestmentgroup.com/ and listen in to the Achieve Wealth Podcast to learn more. For your free book from James go to passiveinvestinginrealestate.com 

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