5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Bouncing Back After Losing $4MM in Assets in 90 days with Marques Ogden

October 06, 2020 Abel Pacheco Season 1 Episode 12
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Bouncing Back After Losing $4MM in Assets in 90 days with Marques Ogden
Show Notes

What would you do if you lost $4 million in assets in 90 days? Today’s guest, my coach Marques Ogden, has had this experience and is on a mission to help people avoid it. Marques is a former NFL player, keynote speaker, business coach, Best-Selling author, and corporate consultant with a unique approach to elevating people’s success to the next level. He also has experience in construction and property management and real estate. 

Let’s get into Marques’ unique story about how not listening to his team led to his downfall, and how he was able to pick himself up and find success for himself and others. 

[00:01 - 10:04] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Marques Ogden
    • NFL 2003
  • Marques gives us a bit of background on his story 
    • Construction real estate investment company

[10:05 - 15:21] The Spoilt Milk Moment

  • Marques talks about his story hitting rock bottom and advice 
  • Marques’ mindset tips coming back from the spoilt milk moment 

[15:22 - 22:48] Getting People to That End Result 

  • Marques talks about inspiring and coaching people 
  • The importance of goal setting and servant leadership 

[22:49 - 29:09] Getting Your First Deal 

  • Marques’ key tips for the passive investor 
  • Who to partner with 

[29:10 - 38:26] Moving the Needle Forward in this Economy

  • Marques talks about the state of the current market and how to move forward 
  • Social selling; Your content wins the race 
  • Marques talks about his pivot, plans, and programs 

[38:27 - 48:36] Closing Segment

  • Marques talks about the value of a monetary investment in your coaching 
  • Why people fail and how to help 
  • Connect with Marques and other resources
    • Links below
  • Marques’ championship mindset in resilience 
  • Final words from Marques and Me - connect with us 

Tweetable Quotes:

“You want to give people your fool story that way they know who you are; they relate to you… I give my clients my all so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.” - Marques Ogden 

“If you are a good servant leader and help to build people up, it doesn’t mean your subservient… it means you actually see the mission in the long term, that can help put people in the right places, in the short term, get to that end result that you desire.” - Marques Ogden

“Building relationships plus building trust equals loyalty.” - Marques Ogden 



Connect with Marques on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit https://marquesogden.com/ to learn more.

Guest Email:  marques_ogden@yahoo.com

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