5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%

Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA - The Importance of a Professional Real Estate Status​

October 15, 2020 Abel Pacheco Season 1 Episode 19
5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%
Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA - The Importance of a Professional Real Estate Status​
Show Notes

This advice might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on taxable income. In this episode, we’ll be learning about this from our guest Brandon Hall. Brandon is a CPA and Founder and CEO of The Real Estate CPA company, and host of The Real Estate CPA Podcast combining his passion for developing creative strategies to reduce tax bills, and his interest in building long-term wealth as a real estate investor. Brandon and his team are dedicated to helping high net worth individuals and general partners in real estate syndicates by leveraging technology and developing automated solutions to give time back to our clients.

Let’s listen in to Brandon’s expertise and learn what can happen when you qualify as a real estate professional and how to get there. 

[00:01 - 09:08] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Brandon
  • Brandon gives us a bit of background 

[09:09 - 13:18] The Importance of Good Financial Reporting 

  • Brandon talks about how he works with syndicators 
  • What are you looking for, what do you want to communicate 

[13:19 - 21:03] Reducing Taxable Income

  • Brandon breaks down accelerated appreciation via multifamily syndication 
  • Steps to get around the activity loss rules

[21:04 - 29:49] Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional 

  • Brandon talks about how to qualify as a Real Estate Professional 
  • Material participation piece 
  • The value of doubling up with a partner 

[29:50 - 37:53] Cost Segregation Study 

  • Brandon’s best strategies for clients 
  • Insights and advice for GP’s and LP’s 
  • What to do if the syndication liquidates 

[37:54 - 44:45] Closing Segment

  • Last advice on claiming losses from Brandon 
  • Invest in people, not just an asset 
  • Connect with Brandon - links below 
  • Final words from Brandon and Me 

Tweetable Quotes:

“It has to be personal service hours… if the hours you are logging do not enhance or improve the property’s operations, then those hours do not count.” - Brandon Hall

“For anyone that’s a GP or thinking about syndication, if you’re on the GP side you got to ‘Cost Seg’ if you’re on the LP side it’s more about timing… How do you best utilize the loss and does it make sense to invest today?” - Brandon Hall 



Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn and BiggerPockets. Visit https://www.therealestatecpa.com/ to learn more. 

Guest Email: contact@therealestatecpa.com

Connect with me:





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